Im excited to share my latest musical creation with you…  Weaving neo-soul trip hop, dub, folk and broken beats, laced with hang drum, haunting strings,  eclectic vocals, singing bowls and my beloved signature whalesong, Crystal Ocean is a journey through loss and grief, and our return to our ultimate reconnection with the Divine Light within.








“Im very excited about this album”  ~ Mike Murphy, Ditto Music

“Cool tunes. Love it” ~  Eddie Caldwell, Music of the Sea (LA)

“Very unique. The uniqueness of your writing style will be a plus in this incredibly saturated market” ~ Frank Joseph, Perpetual Music group (LA)

“Love it, fabulous” ~ Visual Radio Arts

“I like your inspired rendition of Annie’s Song very much; keeping this on file for later” – Emil Hadji Panzov, Filter Publishers (LA)

“Incredible sounds. Great album from the UK” Kev Hutch (NYC rapper)





All tracks Written and Produced by Sulis Hana


Dedicated to Josh Knotty 23

In Love We Rest


~~~ Φ ~~~


Sulis Hana (aka JenJen) 


Available Now on

Bandcamp and iTunes



Crystal Ocean Album Launch Gig with Visual Radio Arts 




Crystal Ocean ~ Now Available on Bandcamp 

 ‘A fearless blend of earthy melodies and broken beats… Sulis Hana’s music is like nothing you’ve ever heard before… Mysterious and intriguing… ‘Start Over’ is an exciting hint of what’s in the album’

Review by AnRFactory 




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Singer/songwriter and sacred sound designer, Sulis Hana, aka JenJen, makes music to lift you out of the ordinary, into heavenly realms, calling on you to open your heart to the song of Mother Earth and connect with the Divine presence in the stillness within.

She weaves soundscapes of ethnic percussion, haunting strings, crystal singing bowls, sounds of nature and her signature, eclectic vocals. 

Marrying the essence of traditional English folk music with Native American sounds and percussion, Sulis makes music for meditation and relaxation, for healing and therapy, for ceremony and ritual, for inner transformation and the ecstatic upliftment of your inner muse. 

Moving from England to Toronto, Canada at the tender age of 7, Sulis has always had a deep affinity with Native American culture and Indigenous wisdom, an ancient connection that reflects in her ethereal, shamanic soundscapes and healing music.

The turning point in her music and the release of the full expression of her voice, came after Sulis lost the love of her life and father of her two children in 2009. Deeply touched by the suicide of her beloved, followed by the loss of many young people whom she had known and loved, her music took on the themes of grief, loss and broken dreams, resulting in the making of her first album. Enter, a melancholic lament to her beloved, was recorded in Stanley Jordans studio in Sedona and Mick Fleetwood’s in Maui.  

After an intensely cathartic and intimate period of deep grieving, Sulis became aware that she was no longer grieving the loss of her beloved, she was grieving the abandonment of herself, the loss of her voice, from lifetimes of disempowerment. 

Pursuing a deep fascination into the healing powers of the voice and therapeutic, sacred sound, Sulis found solace in the passionate expression of her grief. She learned to use her voice in profound ways, giving voice to unseen aspects within her that had long been buried ~ Channeling the Voices of the Earth, her Power Animals, Spirit guides, Divine Realms, Angelic Realms, and the Sacred Singer within her. 

Her second album was born from her recovery, inspired by healing journeys to the sacred lands of Bali, Thailand and Hawaii. Crystal Ocean is dedicated to the waters of Mother Earth, a heartfelt dedication to all those who have taken their own lives. The album shines a glimmer of light and hope in the midst of darkness, a reminder that we weave an eternal, ebb and flow with our soul.

Crystal Ocean was recorded in DBs studios in Bristol and her home studio in SW England, and features her wonderful Dad, Frank Wilson on harmonica. 

Sulis writes and sings songs gifted to her by the Goddess Isis. She channels them through her sacred Persian songstress Lenora.

Her etheral, otherworldly soundscapes invite you to open your heart, connect deeply with your soul and reignite the fires of passion. Awaken to the essence of who you truly are and embrace the Divine within.

All you have been longing for

Is just a breath away.

Sulis has performed live around the world for over 25 years ~ playing gigs at venues and festivals, including Sanctum in Bristol, UK, 2015, (with Theaster Gates, Chicago).

She performed with Dr Masaru Emoto in LA in 2009, a synchronised global ceremony to bless the ocean.

She sang with PeeWee Ellis (James Brown band) at Frome Festival in 2002, performing a remix of Ghost Dance which she produced with her band.

She sang on a recording with the 432 Chamber Orchestra (Elegy for Strings Op 58).

She was singer and co-producer in her band Snipe, rated by John Peel and coveted by 4AD.

Sulis Hana’s music has been compared to Portishead, Thom Yorke, Liz Fraser (Cocteau Twins), Enya, Kate Bush, Massive Attack, Sandy Denny, Joan Baez, Natasha Atlas, Joni Mitchell and Melanie.

She runs her own music studio in Somerset, England and her own record label Contact Media.



“I Like what I’m hearing” ~ John Peel

“Unique, Mesmerising and intriguing” ~ AnRFactory

A breath of fresh air.. comparisons to Sandy Denny, Portishead and the Cocteau Twins..but there’s something else, an earthy spirit.. there is something really sublime about this music’ ~ John Hole, SomerValley Radio

“I love your music” ~ Jean Paul Vivini, Mother Gong

“You are fearless in the spectrum of what you take on” ~ Keith da Bass, Here and Now

“Her music is ahead of its time.. A careful blend of true beauty” ~ Mark Wolffe, Bristol, UK

“Eerily reminiscent of Sandy Denny with songs that just ooze chill out.. perfect for those long hot summer festival days” ~ Acoustic magazine, 2012, [Enter album)

“Sounds like Sandy Denny.. and praise for an acoustic artist doesn’t get much better than that” ~ Somerset Gazette 2011

“The next biggest thing to come out of Bristol after Massive Attack and Portishead” ~ Snipe review, [Logo mag, 2003]

‘If you want to hear a creative music project, listen to the SNIPE remix of Ghost Dance” ~ Keith Harrison Broninski, Nunney Jazz cafe